Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Early Bird

It is surprising what you come across when you least expect it.  These jolly little robins perched on the postbox in Malvern Link when I went to get my haircut yesterday. I think there were probably lights attached too.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

All Wrapped Up

Have had to make a present to go into a Christmas Cracker recently so have been decorating the outside of some crackers from a kit.  I have even put a snap into them so let's hope they actually do the job. I surprised myself with how they turned out as it was a job I have been putting off for absolutely ages ….

The top one has not been scrunched up and they all need further embellishment yet.  Only one has something inside it at the moment.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

The Pears Keep Multiplying

This week was the last Solo Printing session in Cheltenham before Christmas and we were all doing viscosity inking. It changes the print completely. A base ink is rubbed into the plate and cleaned up and this one had a dark brown. Then a thinned ink is rollered onto the surface (Peter Wray Grey) with a second thicker ink rolled next (Raw Sienna).

A change of base ink to Prussian Blue gave a completely different result.

When I originally printed this plate with just one colour of oil based ink the centre of the pear remained almost white.  With viscosity inking the Raw Sienna stuck to the surface and gave a completely different result.
This was the original print where the base colour was Prussian Blue with a little Red Oxide blended into the bottom corner. A very different print to the viscosity one.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Enjoying some Fine Weather

Dry and warm enough for me to cycle without getting frozen fingers today so I did a short circular route from Croome Park, taking in Pirton, Stonehall Common and Wadborough.  Only 14 miles, but not bad with the 23 miles I did on Sunday out towards Upton past Clive's Fruit Farm.  The sun even managed to shine for a short while. Swapped the scone for a chocolate brownie with my cup of coffee when I got back to Croome and had stowed my bike back in the car.

It all made up for the catastrophe at home of the rotary washing line dumping a line full of wet clothes onto the garden twice before I realised that the catch that holds the arms up was broken!! New rotary washing line was required to fix it.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Still on a 'Pear' Theme

The original collagraph plate was created using bits of wallpaper pasted to the mountboard base, with skim and repair being added to parts of the background surface afterwards followed by waterproof PVA to lighten areas. Whilst I liked the image it was not really what I wanted to achieve so this past week it was back to the drawing board and I remade a couple of my printing plates.

This is one of the new plates and now the pears have been formed by using masking tape on selected areas with a thin layer of skim and repair being added over the image.  Oiled wallpaper was then pressed into this whilst it was wet to create the texture. The background is waterproof PVA built up in layers to provide texture and light areas.  A small amount of carborudum was used to add contrast in the darker parts as well as cutting into the surface of the mountboard. Shame I had forgotten what colour oil based ink I used on the first plate.  I think it was Prussian Blue and Raw Sienna whilst I changed to Prussian Blue and Red Oxide on the second plate.

Mainly Prussian Blue
Next week I am going to try viscosity printing and could also look at the addition of chine collee to the surface.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

All Things Pear Shaped

I recently made a card for a friend's 60th birthday and it featured lots of pears too .. don't think I had started the pear sketchbook on black paper at that point.

Pear Book Pages

Continuing to play in my Black Pear Book.  I found a scrap of a picture in a magazine and stuck it onto a page realising it had similarities to an existing page that I had collaged and drawn onto. The bottle was a piece of Deli Paper that had been Gelli printed. I added a bit of oil pastel on top of it to pick up soe highlights.

A combination of lots of bits and pieces and a little more work required before I will be happy with this.

The top half of this page has had shapes cut out of it to reveal aspects of the page behind it.