Sunday, 12 August 2018

Festival of Quilts

Need to swap my proper bike for this one.  It would certainly give me a softer landing. Had two days at the NEC this week and caught up with some friends too.  Lovely break.

Loved these small hexagons wrapped around what seemed to be old dress patterns. It reminded me of caddis fly larvae. I believe they attach small bits of stones and debris they find in streams to themselves to protect them.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Cycling Madness

No photo I am afraid, but yesterday I went out with one of the ladies from the 'Couch to 50k' group, as she is training for a London to Paris ride starting on 15 August. I take my hat off to her as she is doing something I would not even contemplate attempting. I cycle for my health, fitness and because I enjoy it. I do not want to achieve any goals or win medals. I also want to ride safely and uninjured.

I had an idea the ride would be difficult, as she had mentioned Hollybush hill, but it was even worse than I had anticipated with several other very challenging hills for me (Evendine Lane), dreadful road surfaces (Eastnor) on the Herefordshire side of the Malverns, but some fantastic views if you dared to look (West Malvern). We did just over 25 miles. So this week I have now already done over 46 miles as on Monday I rode to Croome Park via Worcester on my own. Do not know how I have done it as I am still very tired from TSG Summer School last week?

Needless to say I do not think I will be doing yesterday's ride again in a hurry!!

Saturday, 28 July 2018

More TSG Summer School

A view of the peaceful surroundings at The Hayes Conference Centre. This is the smaller of the two lakes viewed from the bird hide side. Lots of benches for contemplation.

I also ended up making this small layered book which was meant to resemble a walnut shell.

TSG Summer School

Just spent a lovely break at the Textile Study Group Summer School at the Hayes Conference Centre near Swanwick. It was amazing. Lovely venue, lovely people and fantastic tutors.

Lots of dyeing going on with Ruth Issett's group …

3D with Alice Fox

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Catch A Giraffe

Lovely morning so off I went on my bike to Worcester and managed to find yet more Giraffes …

An Outstanding Source

This is the one at Diglis Bridge without all the lady cyclists this week.

Variations on an Original Theme

Once over the bridge in Worcester and returning towards Diglis Bridge I encountered this one. There had to be an Elgar themed one of course!

Kneck Er Bocker Glory
Outside Browns in Worcester, close the River Severn and the water spout play area which was being thoroughly enjoyed by several small children this morning.

Have A Giraffe
Lots of 'Giraffe' jokes printed all over this one.

The Giraffe who found his Happy Place
This one was opposite Worcester Cathedral as I road along the cycle path into Worcester.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

It must be Moth Weather

I had a few spare minutes yesterday before we went out for the day so I drew the outline of a moth onto some black card that I had been scribbling on trying out some white ink.  I then placed the cut out moth on top of the card and the card on top of an illustration of something I had saved to put in my sketchbook. Not sure where this is leading me too, but it is good to experiment and develop your ideas.

Progress on another little project is slow and last week I have managed to use my soldering iron to cut out hexagons of sheer fabrics to collage on top of the indigo dyed stitched pieces.  These are the leftovers above which I have adhered to a piece of fabric using the sticky powder you use to mend clothes. (It is like Bondaweb without the backing and the name eludes me at the moment) Thought my cut out black card moth looked like he needed feeding so popped him onto the fabric. Do moths like thistles?

This is the hexagon piece which I am really stuck on.  Handstitching is not working so shall have to resort to some machine embroidery first I think in a lighter coloured thread.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sticking One's Neck Out

Had to go into Worcester this afternoon to sort out my glasses so decided to get a Trail Map for the 'Worcester Stands Tall' trail.  This is one of the 27 calves.

There are also 30 8ft giraffes too …

Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas
Wooly Worcester
Robo Giraffe