Saturday, 16 February 2019

Fabulous Weather

Just had a few days away in Yorkshire and come home to find a lovely clump of crocus have burst into bloom under the Corkscrew Hazel in the garden.  Brings a smile to your face.

Also been catching up on cycling since I returned and done a 16 mile ride on my own from Croome Park against a brisk wind and then a 20 mile ride with WOW ladies from Jinney Ring near Droitwich. The weather was fabulous for the latter ride.  A joy to be out and about.

Church close to Croome Park

Otley still has lots of evidence of cycling around ….

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Even more Snowdrops

I absolutely adore snowdrops and there are lots about at the moment.  These were captured in the garden on one of the frosty mornings we have had recently.

Short Walk at Croome Park

Too cold for cycling earlier in the week so had a walk at Croome Park with DH. It was very frosty underfoot and the ducks were skating about on the frozen water. It was lovely to get out in the fresh air and, of course, had to eat the inevitable scone at the end of our stroll.

Oh bliss .... Got out on my bike again

It is surprising what you find when you are out and about.  I spotted this cheeky chappy a few weeks ago in the pond at Hanley Swan.  I suspected it was advice to all those nice people who throw bread to the resident ducks, and I was right. The weather was lovely and mild at around 9 degrees so I did almost 22 miles this morning. I have really missed being able to get out cycling over the past couple of weeks.  Also missed the company of the other Women on Wheels riders, not forgetting the cake, of course!!
Still lots of snowdrops about

Friday, 18 January 2019

Clucking Around

First week back at Solo Printing in Cheltenham with Sue Brown and, of course, I had done no preparation. Took along a photograph of a chicken I had taken some time ago and did a quick drypoint. It is probably my most accomplished effort yet. Must get better organised for the coming 9 weeks.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Yet More Cycling ....

I took myself off for a long ride (for me) on Tuesday from Malvern via Diglis Bridge in Worcester, round to Croome Park and then back through Upton and Hanley Swan home.  A total of 37.5 miles.  The plan was to stop at the National Trust cafĂ© at Croome for a sandwich which is just over half way round.  To my dismay I found it was shut for two days.  They were offering coffee from a flask and cakes or crisps.  It had to be tepid coffee and a chocolate brownie I am afraid.

The above picture is the church door at Earls Croome which I have meant to stop and investigate for ages.  I obviously did not look far enough as this door is a more recent addition and the one that dates back to the 12th C is hidden on another side I think. Looks like I shall have to stop again on my travels.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Going Round in Circles

This Travelling Journal piece ended up covering 4 pages instead of 2!! Fairly typical of me.  I always seems to make things more complicated for myself. It was the end of someone's Journal and there were a couple of blank pages left so I decided to utilise them and fill up the fabric book at the same time.

There are several holes through the pages and I made them so that sections of the page behind could be seen. I also had an old antique button that I wanted to use which fitted one of the holes perfectly.

The prairie points actually go along the central fold of this piece of fabric. All very confusing when you look at the two photographs above.

This is the final page of the piece. I decided to fold the prairie points to give a central line, which I think is a more pleasing view and adds interest.

A bonus of the having holes through is the surprise view you get of other people's work that is behind the opened out pages in the book.