Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Reflecting on the Past

I have got stuck for a photograph today as the weather has not been very pleasant and I have not ventured far outside.  I found a couple of pics of a piece of work from when I was at college full time.  It was created on artist's canvas very randomly painted with acrylic paint and then collaged with tissue paper and other scrappy bits of paper.  This background was stitched into with the sewing machine, using the needle and thread as a pencil.

The little bit of detail shown on the next picture might give an idea of what I actually did.

I no longer have this picture which is sad as I really enjoyed the whole process and, like many things, my plan was to make some more when I got time.

I have been busy doing some stitching this week and hopefully will finish some of the items I have been making by Friday.

Had a surprise when I looked at Linda Kemshall's blog.  I have been investigating some of Paul Klee's work recently as the Venture group are doing some work on 'Line' and I thought I might use some of the symbols from his 'Pastorale' piece of work. ( Pastorale)  Linda has done exactly the same when stitching a recent quilt.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bird Bucket Bag

I spent most of Saturday finishing off making this smart bucket bag.  I bought the pattern at Knit & Stitch in Harrogate and have been meaning to get on and make it for weeks.  The fabric was purchased from Hus & Hem in Ledbury and is actually curtain material.  I fiddled about with it to ensure I got all three birds on both sides and I still have some interesting scraps left which I will use to make something at a later date.  I have got another one half constructed but have run out of the interlining fabric so will have to wait until some more arrives.

The good news is I have now received delivery of some heat resistant fabric to enable me to finish my second Iron Carry Mat so that will be today's task, unless I get sidelined!!  Ooops forgot I am also making a wrap around cover for my new Yorkshire Travelling Journal which will start later in the year.  Such excitement ..... I will get my own YTJ back in 6 weeks time with two years worth of contributions from all those taking part.  I know it is bursting at the seams so cannot wait.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Snow at last

It actually started to snow last night and I thought I would get up to a nice white scene, but no such luck!!  This was it ....

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

No Stitch Book

I recently received the latest copy of 'Pages' magazine and it had a really neat little folded pocket book in it which required no stitching.  I made a prototype to see how it worked and then yesterday, when I had a bit more time, I made some more and painted the paper on both sides.  This is the result.

The outer cover is watercolour paper which is painted different colours on the back and front.  The inner back cover has a pocket to slip pictures and pieces of paper into.

The inserted concertina pages are cartridge paper and fold out to provide a surface upon which to sketch, collage and or write notes.

When the cover is folded up the reverse of the paper shows up on the spine and inner sections.  I thought it would make a nice little booklet to take on an outing or holiday to record interesting places and things.

More Bloomers

More flowers in the garden.  The sarcococca has been out for a while now and is one of several seedlings I brought with me from Yorkshire.  We also have a Lonicera Fragrantissima flowering up the garden, but I have not caught wafts of its perfume yet.  The crocus below were hidden in a pot of pansies beneath lots of oak leaves which I was clearing away when I found these little beauties.

Cream Beauty crocus in a pot near the back door.  There have been leaves for a while but they have got flowers now and open up when we get some sun.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Jugs and more Jugs

Malvern is full of surprises!!  I popped into Waitrose and then to the Art Shop and Shoe Shop and this is the display I came across in the opticians window as I returned to Waitrose's car park.  They all have a pair of glasses sat on top of them.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Blooming Marvellous

I was out in the pouring rain filling up the bird feeders this morning when I noticed this little beauty flowering its heart out in the corner of the back garden.  You can see how wet it was by the gloss on its leaves and raindrops on the petals.

We had a Running Stitchers meeting yesterday too and as part of it we did a little sketchbook exercise in black and white and this is what I created ....

Monday, 5 January 2015

I have bagged it at last!!

This weekend I finally finished the Iron Carry Mat I have been making.  It opens out into a flat ironing mat and will transport my non-steam iron to workshops.  When folded up it has two handles on the top to carry it with.  It looks very cute and I may make another one, now I know what I am doing, so that I can give it to a friend(s) as a present.  The inside has grey reflective fabric to iron on and it has a heat resistant wadding so that my warm iron can be put into it even if it has not cooled fully.  Success .....

Now all I have to do is get on with my entry in the Yorkshire Travelling Journal so that I do not miss the deadline.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

As I have not got any recent photographs to post I thought I would trawl through some old ones from City & Guilds days  ...

Wonder if someone remembers this?
Looking through old photos reminded me of what lovely friends I have made through doing C&G Embroidery.  The one who made this was in a different year to myself and did not continue on to Part II.  She is like a butterfly hopping from one project/workshop to another, but producing some lovely things along the way.  I also have a very embarrassing photo of her which I have threatened to post .... can she remember why I wonder?

Ideas to use up those 'green project' scraps perhaps?
The piece of work above was made by a talented friend who has gone on to do much greater things and I am so proud of her.
My goldwork pulpit fall
This pulpit fall was made as one of my final pieces for Part I of C&G Embroidery.  I never thought I would enjoy goldwork and was totally wrong.