Monday, 20 February 2017

Lots of flowers popping up in the garden

What a surprise on Friday when I looked out of the window and saw several of these large yellow crocus had come into bloom.  I have been looking for the stems poking through for quite a while and had not seen any indication that they were about to bloom.  Of course the sun helped which ade them open up their little hearts to catch some warmth.  The honey bees were glad of somewhere else to gather some pollen.

Lots of snowdrops around the garden.  These ones are under the bird feeder in the back garden.

Cyclamen and primroses out at the top of the garden and I noticed a single vinca flower out too.

Good news  ....  I have almost completed two more wrap round pinafores to wear at workshops.  One has been unpicked, cut to a smaller size and reassembled and the other is a different pattern I am trying out.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Little Bird Told Me

This is yet another piece from a completed round of the Yorkshire Travelling Journals (last year I think).  I was away quite a few days last week up in my beloved Yorkshire so have not been doing much since - apart from catching up with housework (Yuk!!) so have had to raid my photos for something to blog.

I made this piece for the journal of a friend who loves birds using a little bird brooch I bought in Ludlow and some eco dyed fabric given to me by another friend.

This was the adjacent page ... interestingly I am just about to start the two pages for this person's current journal and it may also involve a bird.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Big Day

Today I became an official pensioner having reached the magic age for normal retirement.  Suppose it is downhill from here onwards.  Went out into the garden to admire these beautiful snowdrops to cheer myself up.  They are huge and the flowers are 6 - 7cm across when open in the sun.  They are 'Comet'. The sun has been shining today and the honey bees next door have been out collecting nectar. I am so lucky to be in good health and have such lovely friends.