Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Little Tweeter

Our garden is full of nesting birds at the moment and this robin has been entertaining us for quite some time and is very tame ....

Monday, 29 May 2017

When Your Are Feeling Blue ....

All you have got to do is find something nice to do like a walk around Swinsty or Fewston Reservoirs

I was amazed to see that the bluebells were still in good condition.  The ones near us are finished now.  There were also some wood anenomes still in flower in sheltered areas around Fewston.

Think this is Wood Sorrel.  It was growing between the planks on a footbridge over a stream.  Such a bright and vibrant colour.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dog Tired

That relates to me not the dog ....

Here is the lovely Clover waiting for me to drive her to the reservoir for a lovely long walk. Whilst her owners were away we had a couple of early morning long walk around Swinsty on Day 1 and then Fewston Reservoir on Day 2.  We also had lots of short walks too and I fitted in a 'Play' session with a couple of friends who popped over for the afternoon.  We tried our hand at a bit of Gum Arabic Transfer with various degrees of success I might add. I am going to persevere and get better at it as it is a lovely way to add images to your work either onto paper or fabric.

I have also been printing in Cheltenham and surprised myself with this lovely print of a sparrow I had drawn.
It is a silk aquatint with viscosity inking. It is only small in size.

Monday, 8 May 2017

TSG Exhibition Stroud

Managed to find time on Sunday to pop along to the current exhibition by the Textile Study Group at the Museum in the Park and Lansdowne Gallery in Stroud.  It was excellent made even better by the beautiful sunny weather.

The Museum in the Park was a huge surprise and we will certainly be going back again to explore the actual Museum and see the recently refurbished walled garden.

The entrance into the Museum from the garden is via an electronic door at the base of a curved footway

There is an auricula theatre in the corner behind the silver and blue Mediterranean border.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Some of my recent Treasures

Yesterday I found this empty blackbird's eggshell in the garden. Has the fledgling hatched or perhaps the egg has been eaten by another bird?

Whilst away in Yorkshire I found this very tiny piece of shale with equally small fossils in it so it has joined my other pile of treasures ....
I have played with this one in Photoshop and added a 'Fresco' filter

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Design is all around you

Whilst away at the weekend we visited Thame and had a wander around the town and visited the lovely Museum.  We came across a lovely old Tithe Barn near the church and it's walls looked as if the builder had been trying out every possible combination of brick pattern he cold think of!!
Herringbone obviously!

Perhaps had one too many when he did this one

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Another Bank Holiday

Garage Shelf
We have been away for a couple of nights - yet again - this time to a wedding in Buckinghamshire which gave us time to take in a National Trust property too. It was the home of William Morris who created the Morris car.

It was extremely interesting and is set in a time warp as the house has been left as it was when he died.

Lovely shed