Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dog Tired

That relates to me not the dog ....

Here is the lovely Clover waiting for me to drive her to the reservoir for a lovely long walk. Whilst her owners were away we had a couple of early morning long walk around Swinsty on Day 1 and then Fewston Reservoir on Day 2.  We also had lots of short walks too and I fitted in a 'Play' session with a couple of friends who popped over for the afternoon.  We tried our hand at a bit of Gum Arabic Transfer with various degrees of success I might add. I am going to persevere and get better at it as it is a lovely way to add images to your work either onto paper or fabric.

I have also been printing in Cheltenham and surprised myself with this lovely print of a sparrow I had drawn.
It is a silk aquatint with viscosity inking. It is only small in size.


  1. Love the aquatint, the colours are lovely and the details shows through on the sparrow and background.

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