Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nice Nest

After all my efforts to avoid disturbing birds nests in the garden I discovered this little nest among the brambles I had chopped off.  I think it might be a Chiffchaff's nest as they were in the garden calling all the time and now seem to have gone.  The brambles it was among have stalks the size of rhubarb so they no doubt thought it was safe ,,,, that is until I came along with my clippers.  There are some baby blue tits hatched out and hopping around in the garden too.

Fishing in the Park

Visited the local deli for lunch after spending hours at the Spring Quilt Show in Malvern and decided to walk round the pond in the park on my way back to the car.  This heron looked liked he was having a nap!  It certainly was not bothered by the visitors in the park.

As you can see in the background ... there is plenty of scope for sitting and enjoying the sun and taking in the views here.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Newent Workshop

As I am spending quite a lot of time by myself since we moved I decided I ought to get out and meet people so on Tuesday I went to a Book Covers Workshop at The Patchwork Basket in Newent with tutor Helen Keenan.  I had a great time, although I did find it difficult finding all the items on the requirements list as most of my stuff is still in packing boxes.  Needless to say my piece is Work in Progress!!

Stitching in the Dales - 2

This piece was created by one of the other ladies attending the Maggie Smith 'Get Plastered' workshop and really demonstrates what can be achieved with a little guidance.  Wonderful.

Stitching in the Dales

 This was my efforts achieved at this year's Stitching in the Dales with Maggie Smith.  I went away full of enthusiasm (as usual) and full of lovely food.  I just need time now to complete some of the pieces I started.  If any of you have not participated in this annual event it is a wonderful way to escape and be with like minded people with excellent tutors for two and a half days.  Grassington branch of the Embroiderers' Guild organise it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Spring Quilt Show
19 - 22 May 2011

Autumn Quilt Show
28-30 October 2011

Might have a spare bed by the Autumn Show and visitors will be welcome.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Dream On

This is the delightful wallpaper on the end wall of our hall in our new house.  Knew you would love it ... but afraid it has to go.  Also got black tiles in the bathroom with pink bath and wash basin, plus pink painted walls.

Well Dressing

Straw Horses on Barnards Green
Just take a closer look at the horse's tail.  It is made of teasels.  We came across these equine delights on our way to a local nursery to look at plants for our new garden.  Apparently there were over 40 wells dressed around Malvern over the Bank Holiday weekend.  We only managed to see 2.