Monday, 30 April 2012

Sea Book

For my bookbinding class I had this bright idea that I would produce lots of pages with wavy edges and then stitch them together.  This is as far as I have got.  I need to make a cover and some paper for the outside.  The plan is I will then write the poem 'Sea Fever' across the pages.

Our tutor has also persuaded me that it should be a stab bound book rather than a single pamphlet book which has caused me a few head scratching moments.

Frances Pickering Book

I have managed to do a little bit more work on the book I produced at the Frances Pickering Workshop.
This is the cover made of bits of lace coloured with Koh-i-noor dyes and waxed.  The base is pelmet vilene.
I am trying to fill the pages with pictures of the flora and fauna that can be found in our garden.

All of the pages have drawings created on wallpaper lining paper which have been stuck to the page using Bondaweb.  The robin needs a bit more work to integrate it into the page.  I was being lazy and could not be bothered to cut around his toes which is why he is sat on a square pad.

Rain, Rain, go away ....

It is hard to believe the difference a year makes.  The pictures on the left are last year and the ones on the right are the flooded stream last week.  Thankfully the water has gone down quite a bit today but the stream looks much better with more than a trickle of water in it.  The photos do not really show the extent of the flooding - it was quite scary.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Running Stitchers

This is one of the books produced at the workshop with Frances Pickering last week.  Valleri (who created this lovely cover) had been to Canada and collected lots of bits and pieces to remind her of her trip.  There are things like strips of newspaper incorporated into the cover and the two little hearts represent her and her husband.
Anna, a member of our newly renamed Venture Group surprised us all with her interpretation of the One Stitch Challenge we were set recently.  She made this little book with pockets and it holds samples of Blanket Stitch.  It was a delight and a lovely way to store the pieces of work.

Anna also provided us with an entertaining morning this month as she had brought along lots of items she has collected over the years which she has purchased through various sources including charity shops and flea markets.

The little picture above was made of felt pieced and stitched.

The Scottie Dogs were appliqued on a felt skirt, which it was assumed could have been a skating skirt.  The lead went into the skirt pocket.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Lunch with a friend

A page from one of Frances Pickering's sketchbooks

One of the worst 'building' days this week was Tuesday ....  it was therefore great to have a visit from Jenny H.  We had lunch at The Fold at Bransford.  She had been to the Lace Guild weekend down in Exeter and it gave us a great opportunity to have a good gossip and catch up before she continued her long journey back up North.

I can't wait until we have a spare bedroom again and a useable bathroom so we can have visitors to stay.

Frances Pickering Workshop

Just spent a blissful two days near Bromsgrove on a workshop with Frances Pickering.  I was not particularly looking forward to it because of all the hassle at home at present, but I had a fantastic time and even completed my book ready for filling the pages with wonderful things.  I met some new people too, together with discovering a new venue which offers all sorts of classes including printing.  It is the Avoncroft Arts Society at Stoke Heath.  The little book at the bottom with the butterflies on is the one that Frances was working on.

Pieces of work by the Group

On the building front we now have the new breakfast room knocked through to the kitchen and a third bedroom with partially completed airing cupboard which is actually starting to look like a room again.  Apart from that the whole house is in a huge amount of upheaval.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Oak Tree

Having still not found any time to stitch - between removing plaster and tiles from walls and having a second attempt at stripping wallpaper from the bathroom walls, not to mention spending two days cleaning the kitchen floor, cupboards and drawers after the removal of the chimney last week - I decided to take a photograph of our lovely oak tree.

Its leaves are not yet out but are bursting to do so.  It sits with its feet on the edge of the stream, which bends round behind the dilapidated garage.  The stream is called Whippets Brook I believe and the wild garlic is full of flowers at the moment.  It is hard to believe that we have been here a year on Friday of this week.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Piano Hinge Book

Spent most of Monday finishing off this piano hinge book, which involved painting more skewers and wrapping them with painted Fibretex and jewellery wire.  I tried using some metallic thread but my fingers did not want to work.  (I am suffering still with my shoulder and pins and needles in my hands - I really must learn not to overdo heavy work such as cleaning bricks and digging clay soil)

The cover of the book is just good old Tissue paper crumpled and applied with PVA.  It then had a couple of coats of acrylic paint and some Treasure Gold.  My ties were made with a cord winder but the ends need a little attention to tidy them up.  A couple of Fibretex beads were used to add interest to the cords.

I am not sure whether I am actually finished yet .... I fancy some wayward cords on the spine.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Worcester EG Workshop

Marie Roper gave a talk followed by a workshop at the March meeting of the Worcester Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild and the photographs are examples of some of the results.  I am afraid I did not go to the workshop myself so cannot lay claim to any of the wonderful dolls that were created.

Sox enjoying the Sun

It must be great being a cat .... Sox came out into the sunshine for a spot of rolling in the dust, followed by a stroll over to the streamside, then a bit of birdwatching from under his favourite hiding place - a cedar type tree.

When he is not being so cute he is a nervous wreck, afraid of the builders and any noise that is going on.