Thursday, 27 June 2013

Miao Book

One member of our Venture Group, who collects old items of embroidery, brought this original Miao thread book in for us all to enjoy.  It was beautiful and she had picked it up at the Manchester Textile Fair some years ago at a very reasonable price.  As we had recently had a workshop with Ruth Smith making a similar folded paper book it was very interesting to be able to look at an original example.

Embellishing Session

On Tuesday at Running Stitchers everyone brought in their embellishers. We also had the use of the one belonging to Worcester branch of the Embroiderers' Guild.  We were fortunate enough to be able to have one each for those who wished to either learn to use one, revisit old skills or just generally mess about.  One of the joys of being a part of this group is that we always seem to learn something new from one another.

As is always the case with me .... I now have to find time to do some stitching to add some depth to the two pieces I produced.  Much as I like spending time on an embelliser I still do not think I will be rushing out to buy one.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Well I have been doing a little bit of stitching for the Travelling Journals, but I cannot post a picture as that would spoil the surprise for whoever receives the Journal next.  Instead I have decided to show everyone just how beautiful the poppies are in the garden now they have opened.  They are like frilly pink silk, just wonderful, frivolous and very uplifting for the spirits.  They look a bit like a Barbara Cartland hat.

Expecting the builders today to lay the patio at the back, but they are not now due until after lunch so shall have to get on and do some ironing.  If the sun stays out I may even get to sit outside and stitch for a while ... who knows.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


At long last the weather has improved slightly and there are flowers out in the garden.  This Astrantia is the largest form 'Shaggy' and we also have a red one, but I am not sure which one it is as it came from my mother-in-law's garden some years ago.  The red ones all look similar so it is quite difficult to identify them.

The poppies that I brought with me from Yorkshire are also struggling to open and this one looked like a frog as it still had the outer casing attached to it.
I guess it will have opened properly today, but have not been out to look since I returned home.  It did not flower last year, but has made up for it this year with lots of buds waiting to burst open.

Collagraph Workshop

I had a nice day today at The Print Shed at Madley near Hereford with tutor, Adrienne Craddock.  We were using carborundum to create collagraph plates for printing.  Surprisingly I managed to get two plates completed and prints from each all in one day.  The Print Shed is a fantastic venue for anyone who loves printing.

There are a range of facilities available so most forms of printing are catered for.  It is a relaxing and friendly atmosphere situated out in a rural location.

I am looking forward to H-Art in September when they should have a wonderful display of work as part of this Open Studios event.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Up North

Alliums At Otley
Spent a few days up in North Yorkshire staying with a very good friend.  These alliums were in her garden and I could not resist taking a picture or two of them.

We crammed a lot in.  Friday three of us went to the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition in the Galilee Chapel of Durham Catherdral which has been put together by the North East Region of the Embroiderers' Guild.  It was a fantastic exhibition, the sun shone all day and the Park and Ride made the visit extremely easy.
Rabbits at Durham Cathedral

Saturday Iwas persuaded that I would like to go to the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Day at Riccall.  Saw lots of people I know and had a good chat to many of them.  David Bostock gave an extremely entertaining talk.  It is the second time he has given the Madeira Lecture at Regional Day and he always manages to make textile history interesting.
Fish Symbol in the Market Square Church in Durham

Sunday we did a bit of shopping at Embsay and I managed to resist all their lovely fabrics, but bought one or two bits and pieces I needed.

Monday I popped into Pannal Textile Group for an hour or so before the long drive home.  They were just starting a new topic 'Central and South America' and were being shown various methods of producing Mola work, plus tassels and pom poms.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I have been looking for ideas for the next entries in my Yorkshire and Worcester Travelling Journals and tooks some photographs in Worcester and Malvern which I have been playing with in Photoshop

Door at Worc Cathedral
Grid over a drain in Malvern
I am not sure what I am going to do with them now, so need to do a bit of pondering ...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Busy Week

Had a fantastic few days with lots of visitors.  I am waiting for my knees and hips to start to ache as I have had three long walks on the Malvern Hills over the past three days.  A bit drastic as I have not walked anywhere for ages!

On the first day we walked up from West Malvern, along to the Worcester Beacon then on to the Wyche Cutting dropping down onto the wooded walk back to St Ann's Well.  We were lucky enough to come across a basking Slow Worm.  I have never seen a real one before so it was such a surprise.  On Sunday we had lunch at Colwall and then had a shorter walk around British Camp before our friends left for home.

Monday a friend and her husband from my C&G's Embroidery course days spent the day with me and we did a long walk from our house up through the Quarry, around North Hill, back up the Worcester Beacon and then down through St Ann's Well into the gardens where the Buzzard sculpture is sited.  Took them to see the lovely stained glass in the Priory after a refreshing cup of tea in the Deli, and then a walk home to wait for DH coming home from work.

The weather has been sunny and hot, good company and generally an excellent time.  Unfortunately no sewing or drawing has gone on.