Saturday, 30 June 2012


One of the newer members of our VENTURE Group responded to the 'Jubilation' challenge set for June with the piece of work above.  We all had such a tremendous laugh.  The stitching on the image is very understated and it takes a closer inspection to actually see that a lot of the shading is created by tiny tiny seeding stitches.

There was also a wonderful piece which features fireworks in the night sky and those of you lucky enough to be able to visit the branch exhibition later this year will hopefully be able to see it on display.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Gheluvelt Park WW1 Memorial

Had chance on Tuesday to take a proper look at this metal sculpture in Gheluvelt Park along Ombersley Road in Worcester.  The bottom picture is a section showing the lettering on the curved piece.  It is amazing and you can view a miriad of different aspects of the sculpture, which has lots of lovely angles, when you walk around it.

The reason I got to look at this was that I miraculously remembered to take a pint of milk for the VENTURE Group, but had completely forgotten the basket with the tea and coffee in so had to make a dash to the local shop to buy emergency rations!!

Now found out more about the memorial - it commemorates the Battle of Gheluvelt on 31 October 1914 and was unveiled to the public in August 2010. The words on the metal are these:-

"Let it never be forgotten that the true glory of the fight at Gheluvelt lies not in the success achieved but in the courage which urged our solitary battalion to advance undaunted amid all the evidence of retreat and disaster to meet great odds in a battle apparently lost"
 (Field Marshall Sir Claud Jacob GCB KCSI KCMG)

And this is what the sculpture represents:-

Conceptually the feature reflects the chaos and destruction of war. The chosen material, corten steel that will weather to a rust-like patina, contrasting with pale concrete and granite paving.
  • The feature is given shape by 27 steel panels arranged in five groups, representing the years 1914 to 1918. Each panel represents two months of war, starting from August 1914 when Britain entered the conflict. The height of each panel has been calculated from official casualty figures, with each centimetre representing 500 British and Commonwealth casualties (dead, wounded, missing and prisoners).

  • The slots cut into some panels relate to the durations of the major battles that produced many of these casualties. A timeline of the involvement of the units of the Worcestershire Regiment runs across the panels.

  • A curve of granite cobbles along the path edge represents 2nd Battalion casualties (black) and survivors (grey) of the Gheluvelt attack.

  • The central lawn is laid with poppy seeds, which will burst into colour in summer: the blood red of the Flanders poppy of remembrance.

  • Finally, a panel names and honours the men of 2nd Battalion who lost their lives on 31st October 1914 at the Battle of Gheluvelt.


Following our monthly VENTURE Group meeting on Tuesday, on Thursday three of us decided to go to the embroidery exhibition in the Weavers Gallery, Ledbury which forms part of their Poetry Week celebrations.  This included a spot of browsing in Tinsmiths and lunch.

We then went on to the Textile Bazaar at Hellens in Much Marcle.  What an excellent day we all had.  The torrential rain in the morning did nothing to deter us although it did make driving a little hazardous.

The presence of Art Van Go at Hellens meant we all managed to spend some money on those goodies you just cannot do without.  Lots of EG Worcester branch members there too.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Duck Spat?

Not sure whether you will be able to see Mrs Duck sat in the stream?  Seems like her and Mr Duck have had a fall out as he came to be fed on his own this morning and then she arrived after he had gone.  They usually appear together.  They are both looking nice and fat and I suspect they also go somewhere else to get fed as I rarely see them in the morning now.

There is another squirrel in the garden I am afraid.  It looks like a young one from somewhere.  We also have a young nuthatch feeding under the bird feeders in the front garden.  He will have to watch out or the magpies will eat him.

Sunny June

A nice bit of sunshine this morning and also was greeted by two of these lovely annual poppies that had suddenly opened up in the back garden which was a lovely surprise.  I needed cheering up as I am having a traumatic time with the computer at the moment.  I must have spent the equivalent of a whole day on the phone to Dell this past week trying to sort out my log on problem.

It is still not resolved!!  Apparently I have to have a new mother board.  Not impressed I can say.

I am also now painting woodwork with primer, undercoat and gloss which I absolutely hate - but I fear that if I do not get on with it it will still be a mess in 6 months time.  At least no builders this week - perhaps the electrician for half a day, but I can cope with him.

You will have to wait until next week to see my latest piece of bookbinding.  I left it in the book press after gluing the covers so could not bring it home with me.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Bookbinding

Because of all the work going on in the house I have been struggling to keep up with my Bookbinding class.  These samples were done at our last lesson when we were learning different stitch patterns for the spine.  I think these are (but not sure of what order the samples are in):-

                                              Running Stitch
                                              Back Stitch
                                              Hitch Stitch
                                              Chain Stitch

I have the worst one to complete yet and must get it done before tomorrow, which is our next class.  It is Two-Section Sewing 'Z's.  Just about got my head around it but messed up my cover so shall have to go and ferret around and find some more card.  Whoops ..... almost forgot I have to cut out some more paper for signatures too .... better get my finger out.

(The nice shiny wood the samples are sat on is one of the worktops which I have been busy oiling for the past few days.  I have put three coats on either side ready for them to be installed in the kitchen)

Duck Heaven

These are my new mates!!  They come and look through recently installed french door in the Breakfast Room several times a day begging in the hope that I will throw bread to them.  Although they are not here all the time, and do disappear sometimes for a whole day or two, they are always back.  Sometimes they are very friendly and others very stand offish.  Poor old Sox would like to get closer to them (with a view to eating them I think).

When not looking for food they do this ........

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Worcester Beacon

I persuaded DH that he should climb the Worcester Beacon and see the lighting of the Jubilee bonfire on Monday evening.  Mr C decided he would come with us so we left home at 8.30 pm

Mr C showed us a route up to the Beacon from West Malvern.

We experienced a wonderful sunset and the rising of a spectacular moon prior to the Beacon being lit at around 10.15.  (Think it was actually later than that as there were problems getting it ablaze)

Unfortunately I kept getting the bald heads of total strangers in my photographs, but it was an experience not to be missed.

The views from the Worcester Beacon are spectacular at the best of times so it was a GREAT evening.