Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

As I have not got any recent photographs to post I thought I would trawl through some old ones from City & Guilds days  ...

Wonder if someone remembers this?
Looking through old photos reminded me of what lovely friends I have made through doing C&G Embroidery.  The one who made this was in a different year to myself and did not continue on to Part II.  She is like a butterfly hopping from one project/workshop to another, but producing some lovely things along the way.  I also have a very embarrassing photo of her which I have threatened to post .... can she remember why I wonder?

Ideas to use up those 'green project' scraps perhaps?
The piece of work above was made by a talented friend who has gone on to do much greater things and I am so proud of her.
My goldwork pulpit fall
This pulpit fall was made as one of my final pieces for Part I of C&G Embroidery.  I never thought I would enjoy goldwork and was totally wrong.

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