Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Green Dilemma

Many months ago the Running Stitchers decided to participate in a challenge using green fabric.  Each member of the group put a piece of fabric into 11 packets.  We all took a packet of 11 assorted fabrics each, plus some green beads someone had added.  We were meant to finish the final piece by our November meeting, but due to various reasons several members had not finished, or even started, by the deadline.  I have really struggled with mine as firstly I did not like the fabrics which were to hand and secondly I did not really have any enthusiasm for the challenge.

I have now almost finished my piece of work and it has to fit in an Ikea square box frame I just happened to have rolling around.  Although I carefully measured each piece to ensure the finished size would be correct it has been a struggle.

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