Monday, 8 December 2014

Whippet Book

The whippet book is almost finished.  I managed to get the leather onto the outside on Friday and just have some glueing to do on the inside to finish it off.  Is it a Yorkshire whippet I wonder .... it is meant to represent Whippet's Brook.
This book shows the route of Whippets Brook through our garden. I have added some small beads to the blue leather to give it a bit more interest.  The brown leather was a recycled leather jacket from a charity shop and has been used to make at least two other books to date.  Attaching the strip of blue leather to the gap in the front cover was quite a challenge but so pleased with the result.  Drawings need to be made inside the book now of the flora and fauna which inhabit the wild part of the garden.
These little pots contain some snowdrops purchased earlier this year from Colesbourne.  I got such a surprised when I saw how much they had grown.  The left hand pot actually has some buds trying to poke through.  Guess the slugs and snails will be chewing them off before long!!

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  1. Whwt a total delight your whippet books are - yorkshire or not ! No wonder you were thrilled when you got the leather on !