Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Visitor

This little chap has been visiting our garden on a regular basis since we lost Sox.  Not sure whether it is a girl or a boy but it is very friendly and rolls over to have its tummy tickled.  It probably lives over the busy road outside our house so hope it does not get knocked down by a car.
You can tell by the look on its face that it did not like having its photograph taken.  Since first encountering it I have been amused by its half moustache.  It has now got a little friend, of similar colouring, which I think must be coming down from the housing estate.  It is a kitten (teenage like) and very entertaining as it stalks the older cat and then trails behind it at a safe distance.  Neither of them have shown any aggression to each other, although the older cat totally ignores the younger one.
Had to go to Worcester last week to get my car MOT'd and walking past the cricket ground saw this ornate fence.  We are doing something on LINE for Running Stitchers so thought I might be able to use it, not having spotted the diagonal lines on the grass behind.

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