Friday, 26 December 2014

Twas Christmas Day ....

Views towards Malvern
What fantastic weather we had on Christmas Day.  DH took me along to the Wych Cutting and dropped me off and I then walked back via the Worcester Beacon and North Hill in good time to prepare Christmas dinner.  He, of course, spent most of the day reading magazines, listening to the radio, watching TV and eating.
In places the gorse bushes were full of flowers and where it was sheltered from the wind it was quite warm.  This did not mean that there was not any frost on the ground where the sun had not reached the exposed areas.

Below are views towards the Herefordshire side of the hills.  I could not take pictures of the best views as the sun was in the wrong position in the sky.  I just had to take in the lovely scenery, mists and magical shadows along the ridge towards British Camp, Eastnor Castle and May Hill.

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