Sunday, 19 June 2016

Show and Tell

Not the usual kind of  'Show and Tell'.  The 'Show' was the Royal Three Counties and I want to 'Tell' you how wonderful it was. We started off by watching these little lovelies being rounded up by a Corder Bollie(?)

Apparently at the Friday demonstration the man who was in charge of the collie could not get the ducks to go through the tunnel. How embarrassing for him on Saturday then when he got a lady from the ringside to come in and have a go.  She got the whole lot through first time with no previous experience at dog handling.

I really went to see all the farm animals which were fabulous with so many breeds on show.

Hereford Bull

Long Horn with calf

Kerry Hill Sheep

Shorn Teeswater minus its long locks

Knitted apples in the WI tent

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