Sunday, 1 December 2013

Compton Verney

The Venture Group had a day out at Compton Verney on Wednesday of this past week as our Christmas outing.  We did not get a lot of time to look around at everything due to the fact that we exchanged our Travelling Journals, had a guided tour of the "Curious Beasts/Animal Alphabet" exhibtion which was followed by lunch in the restaurant.  As it was a nice day yesterday (Saturday) I managed to persuade DH we should go again and we had a lovely day, saw much more and even had time for a walk in the grounds.

A fantastic Autumn afternoon

Took time to see the Laura Ellen Bacon sculptures from 2011
First Encounter

Web Site
the latest commission by Hilary Jack "The Nest" is amazing and you can walk up steps to stand on a platform and enjoy the view ...

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