Sunday, 15 December 2013

Seasons Greetings

At the last meeting of the Worcester branch of the Embroiderers' Guild all those present were given a present from the lucky dip.  Mine was a kit to make a Christmas card.  I thought I would never get round to doing anything with it, however, whilst having a break and a cup of coffee and as a distraction from stitching the dreaded curtains, I decided to stitch the beads onto the piece of cream background that had been provided.

After several stops and starts, I eventually got all the beads stitched on.  You were then meant to glue it to the piece of gold card provided, but I thought I must be able to do something better with it than that.  I got out my Inktense blocks and coloured in the background and wetted it.  I was still not happy so I added some Quink ink, then I ran it under the tap.  It took ages to dry. In the meantime I had found a piece of denim for the background which I had glued to the reverse of the gold card.  (Bet you can see why it takes me forever to make curtains!!)

Not sure what I am going to do with it now ... perhaps it will get posted to someone one day ... in the meantime it will go into a box, much the same as lots of the things I play around with!!

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