Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nature in Art

On Wednesday afternoon, although the weather was a bit showery, we went off to the Nature in Art Gallery near Gloucester as there was a textile exhibition by the Midland Textile Forum.  When we arrived there we found that there was also a display of bookbinding plus the 'Heart & Soul' pencil drawings by Gary Hodges to coincide with the launch of his book too.  Carole Bury was resident artist in the Studio and had an exhibition of her work whilst also demonstrating how she combines tissue paper and stitch.  Examples of her work can be seen on her website Carole Bury.  It was nice to see something so beautiful and original.

I also finally managed to get the last three doors outside at the weekend and sanded with the electric sander. They now need a bit of rubbing down with fine steelwool so that I can get them sealed and put back on.  What a difference it will make having doors on the rooms upstairs again!

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