Friday, 23 May 2014

War Poem

I have been messing around this morning trying to add some detail to the earlier piece based on an Edward Thomas poem and the above print was an accidental result.  I used a piece of artist's canvas that had previously been primed with gesso (or something similar).  The barbed wire is a thermofax screen from a drawing and the fence-like structure is from a piece of mountboard with elastic bands stretched over it which was rollered with fabric ink.

The skyline was the biggest surprise.  I had not noticed it until I folded the fabric to get it in the scanner.  It is from where I cleaned the roller and it has given a surprising image which fits well with this topic.

Still not happy with the other piece thought, so may start again.

The words are:-

... watched the plough narrowing a yellow square of charlock. Every time the horses turned instead of treading me down, the ploughman leaned upon the handles to say or ask a word, about the weather, next about the war.  Scraping the share he faced towards the wood, and screwed along the furrow till the brass flashed once more ...


  1. Wow! I cannot believe it such telepathy! I have been working on barbed wire too . Will post soon when sorted.

  2. serendipity or what ! an amazing print.