Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Yorkshire Travelling Journal

As I have not been doing much stitching and I have recently received another Yorkshire Travelling Journal with some of last year's work in it ...  I thought I would post some pictures from that instead.

My friend had been to see the David Hockney exhibition and was so inspired that she used this picture to produce the piece of work below for the June 2013 Yorkshire TJ.  I thought it was brilliant.

However, this person is a very tardy blogger so we do not usually get to see much of her work.  I suggested she join the 'Slow Blog Manifesto' and even threatened blackmail to increase the frequency of her blogging ...  I am not a nice friend.

She does do some very inspired work at times and the latest YTJ entry is equally brilliant, but I cannot tell you what it is as it will spoil the surprise for the other 8 participants.


  1. Thank you! I know I'm a tardy blogger but the truth is, I hardly do anything other than TV's !

  2. But you do visit lots of nice places (without your camera?)

  3. Hey you two stop blackmailing and start stitching ! Ha ha