Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Grand Day Out

On Saturday, although it was a wet and horrible day, we ventured out to the Annual Textile Fair at Compton Verney.  The first room as you entered Compton Verney was filled with a display of quilts by the Contemporary Quilt Group with the them 'Dislocation'.  It was excellent and made even better by the fact that there were several folders with handling samples and an explanation of how each one had been created.
A Little Piece of England - Lynne Pretty

Joan Eastham

Gillian Travis - A Broken Jug
There was also an additional room, which I believe is normally used for wedding receptions, which had several textile artists and quilting supplies for sale.  I particularly liked the work of Barbara Shaw.  I believe she has been artist in residence at Chastleton House.  We saw the British Folk Art Exhibition too and there were several quilts in some of the other galleries.  The exhibition of 'Art from Ammunition: Trench Art from the First World War' was amazing.  It was so busy we did not manage to have lunch in the restaurant, but still had a lovely day out.

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  1. It was obviously worth going in the dreadful weather - sorry you missed lunch! We had a miserable drive up the motorway but when you've got to go, you've got to go !