Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More from the Print Class


The honesty and grasses were rollered with water based printing ink and then placed on top of a piece of dry paper in the etching press with a second piece of paper on top of it.  This gave me two prints, one from either side of the plant material.  I was amazed they came out so well.  It was a nice contrast to the cyantype printing we have been doing this week.

This section of a page from my sketchbook is very spooky.  I have been doodling about with stuff we did at the Bobby Britnell/Ruth Issett workshop and was using graphite powder and graphite pencils and wetted a watersoluble one I found in my pencil box.  When I looked at my sketchbook later in the day I noticed that a man in a suit seemed to be visible in my doodlings!!

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  1. These are lovely - though the ghostly man is a bit weird ! I have never done drypoint - the honesty is lovely, but I'm assuming you had to draw that - I might try some grasses etc (though without a press!)