Friday, 31 October 2014


On Tuesday evening's I go to a printing class in Hereford.  This week we had been doing monoprinting using plant materials with water based inks. At the end of the class I had some ink left and a dirty roller to clean so I was busily rollering over a piece of newsprint when I discovered that I had left some pieces of grass and honesty underneath.  The raised edges were being highlighted with the excess ink coming from the roller.  It was a lovely surprise and I think I might wax the papers with either acrylic wax or candle wax and use them for something.  I could even put a wash of colour over the background before I do this.

We only had red or blue to work with and, as I did not like the brightness of either colour, I mixed them together.

An whole and partial honesty seed that had been stuck to the roller

Grass Stalks

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  1. Just shows what interesting effects you can get just using a roller - must get my act together !