Friday, 10 October 2014

Tacket Binding (3)

This is the second book we made this term at the bookbinding class.  It is a type of tacket binding, however, I am going to have to undo the stitching because I have not got it tight enough.  The cover is a piece of heavy watercolour paper that has been coloured with acrylic paint applied through a stencil and then given a wash of procion dye.  The inside is just procion dye with clingfilm applied to it to create a pattern.  I have sealed the outside cover with acrylic wax.


  1. Did you do this paper at the needle museum ? The dye wash over the acrylic looks really good.

  2. No, I did it at home sat on the kitchen floor with my plastic table cloth for protection. The stencil was new though.