Friday, 17 October 2014

Ruth Issett and Bobby Britnell Workshop

This was my inital core board of squares and a piece of abaca tissue all painted with just two colours of procion dye.  Magenta and Turquoise.
We then went on to chop them up and reassemble them on a piece of cartridge paper the same size as the original square.
There was meant to be a theme linking the squares together.  I managed these four.
This was one of my squares which I did not want to cut up, but afterwards was pleased with the combination of two squares and a bit of the abaca tissue.
This one was several squares and gesso.
Gesso with various marks and tissue paper, then holes were added and finally a rubbing of graphite powder.
This final one was on black paper and has all the above things plus some coloured shavings rubbed in from a pastel crayon.


  1. I see ! Much easier with a picture. I like the effect - could try the two colour one on fabric to piece and quilt - I'm looking for a small quilt project for Thursday afternoons !

  2. You would need to add salt and soda to your procion dye and make sure you had prewashed your fabric. It would work just the same. I loved working with the gesso as it gives a lovely key to the surface and adds texture.

  3. Wow what a fantastic day you had