Monday, 27 October 2014

Sculpture Exhibition

The weekend got off to a bad start - I waited in all day on Saturday for the decorator to call to give me a quote for wallpapering the hall ceiling upstairs and downstairs but, yet again, he never turned up.  I was most annoyed as I had planned to go to the Crucible 2 Exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral which ends on 31st October.  There are 61 sculptors exhibiting.  However things improved on Sunday as DH decided that once he had done a bit of gloss painting in the morning we could go off to Gloucester in the afternoon.  It is the first time since we came to live here that I have actually been into the centre of Gloucester.

The exhibition was fabulous.  Choral Evensong started at 3 pm and was a lovely backdrop to the sculptures.  We had a lovely time but did not manage to go into the crypt where we missed 8 of the sculptures.  I wondered where the Paolozzi was!!

Antony Gormley - Pose

 The three frescos painted on the back wall were epic and really complimented the sculpture
David Mach - The Thief

Deborah van der Beek 'The World Gone Pear Shaped'
This pear was full of lots of found objects embedded in it which gave it a fabulous tactile surface.
Sue Freeborough "Let there be spaces in your togetherness'
We could not get to see these until Evensong finished but they were worth the wait.  My day was made when two very small children walking past them with their parents took a distinct liking to the pair.  It proves that the beauty of sculpture is not in looking at what others tell you is currently in vogue, but more to do with the shape and feel of the piece.
Lynn Chadwick 'Jubilee IV'

Andy Johansen - Heart

Charlotte Mayer - The Thornflower
Unfortunately I clipped the top edge off this sculpture, which I liked very much.  The small chapel it was in had the most beautiful decoration.


  1. I am so sorry to miss this exhibition - looks terrific

  2. It was and this next week they are encouraging children to sketch the sculptures as part of The Big Draw. Only wish I could go again.