Friday, 10 October 2014

Wightwick Manor

On Wednesday we went to Wightwick Manor to meet up with a friend who was on her way back up to Yorkshire, but staying over with her daughter in Wolverhampton for a few days.  The day started off dryish and sunny but by the afternoon we had torrential downpours.  Not to worry though as there is lots to see in the house and the tearoom serves delightful food.

There was a massive, and I mean MASSIVE pumpkin patch..  I think they have an Halloween Weekend coming up.  The pumpkins were gianormous!!

These little fabric chappies were perched on one of the scarecrows located in the vegetable garden.  We had to take cover in the large greenhouse just before this as we had the first of the many downpours.

Everywhere you look at Wightwick there are sources of inspiration for design ....

We had a fabulous day out despite the weather.  The only downside was that when I got home I had got another speeding fine for doing 35 mph in a 30 mph zone and this time will have to pay the fine and have some points put on my licence.  I was caught on a mobile camera in a van whilst out on Sunday visiting the Ledbury Quilters exhibition.  It was most unusual for me to be speeding as, since I got caught last time, I have been dawdling about everywhere.  Could have had something to do with the constant nagging about my pathetic driving by DH.  He reckons the Speed Awareness Course I had to do last time has turned me into a dreadful driver.  I personally think it is his influence on my driving!!  He makes me into a dithering wreck by the time I get home.


  1. Those little birds on the scarecrow made me wish I had a scarecrow of my own even though I don't want to scare any birds !

  2. I do not think these birds would have scared anyone. I guess other little birds might sit alongside them on a quiet day when there are few visitors to the garden and house.