Sunday, 20 September 2015

Another Grand Day Out!!

Would you believe that a second trip to IKEA Birmingham could turn out to be a Grand Day Out, particularly with DH in tow, as I needed him to take his car to accommodate my new table for my Workroom-cum-Studio, which is progressing very nicely now that the laminate floor is down.  It was thick fog when we set off, but by the time we got to IKEA the sun was shining.

On the way back we called here ....
So that we could enjoy the view and tea and cake ... any idea where it was?

Another clue .... these little fellows have had a part of the building especially created for them to safely nest whilst the work was going on.  There were still plenty of them flying around in the afternoon sunshine.

Another clue and a bit of a giveaway really.
It was the 'Sky Cafe' at Croome.  This is looking toward Broadway Tower.
Looking towards the Malvern Hills

A little further round and we see the Temple
It was the last weekend to be able to experience this temporary feature which has been erected using scaffolding during the work on the exterior of the building.  When we arrived there was still a lot of fog, but as if by magic the fog lifted and the sun came out.  We had a lovely walk around the grounds before climbing the scaffold stairs to the viewing platform.  Absolutely Fabulous!!

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  1. What a lovely thing to do - and there you were thinking you wouldn't dare to mention it . -ye of little faith !