Saturday, 5 September 2015

Yorkshire Travelling Journals

I have been too busy out in the garden this week to have done anything much creative - apart from stitching what seems like hundreds of French Knots (the piece is still not finished!!) - so once again I have delved into some past pictures of pages from the Yorkshire Travelling Journals I participate in with my buddies 'Up North'.  I cannot tell you what a delight it is to receive a package through the post at the end of the six weeks and to know that inside is a YTJ full of treasures you have not yet seen .... such joy.

I found this one of a 'She Shed' by a lovely friend who lives in Harrogate ...

This is the accompanying text that went with it

Then, as some of the leaves are already showing signs of Autumn, I thought the next pages were appropriate.  This person says she is not very artistic, well I don't believe her!! I am sure she will add some comment to my blog once she sees this.  Perhaps she will tell us how she printed the leaves on the reverse of the mini quilt?

This was the inspiration

A mini quilt was the resolved piece
This was the reverse side

And, as there was a spare page of paper at the end, this piece of artwork was also produced.


  1. Who could resist so nicely framed a question - the print block was made of self adhesive funky foam, cut so as to preserve positive and negative . Acrylic paint prints onto not very amazing piece of dyed cotton - sometimes positive print first, sometimes negative then overprinted with the reverse block with not very good registration !

  2. Ah .... I remember now, you have told me before. I had great difficulty when I tried it out because I could not cut my funky foam block so that it stayed in one piece for both positive and negative shapes. I must try again.