Wednesday, 27 January 2016

More Travelling Journal

Unfortunately I have not found much time to spend being creative since New Year.  I have decided I must make a big effort to get on top of some of the household jobs that really have to be completed so that we are in a position to sell this house next year.  To this end I have spent the best part of 4 days stripping a fireplace surround in the dining room and nagging DH to get on with the gloss painting the skirting boards which have been primed for at least two years!

The pictures above are from the Travelling Journal of one of the people who had to drop out due to work commitments and family illness.  The inspiration was a photograph from some mediaeval tiles which I think are in Malvern Priory and the worked sample involves the use of kunin felt I think which has been heated to distress it.  I could be wrong as I did not do the piece..

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