Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Little More Blue

I have now taken pictures of some of the samples I produced at the weekend.  We used various methods of resist, some I had done before and some new to me.  There were vats of natural indigo, synthetic indigo and woad dyes to try and I also decided to pop some threads into the pot as they always come in useful.
Stitch Techniques

The above piece of silk fabric had been scrunched up and put into a mesh bag before popping it into the dye bath.

Various clamped items were employed above: foodbag clippits, thin wooden hearts and circles, milk bottle tops with their severed threaded necks and acrylic blocks normally used for stamping.
Fabric had been wrapped around a drainpipe

Beads and Elastic Band were used here


  1. These are lovely Hazel - I'm particularly intrigued by the resist you used for the circle of horizontal lines in your first example. How lovely to have a stash like this.

  2. You must mean the moon. Will tell you how to do it next time we speak. It was not difficult to do.