Tuesday, 24 May 2016

More on the Blue Theme

I was so inspired by the Shibori weekend that I have sat and stitched more resists and then done some dyeing using Procion dye in shades of Indigo and Rust since coming home.  I have even got the blue hands to prove it!

I wrapped three short pieces of dowel into this piece and stitched three circles in the gap in between two of the poles. It really shows up what occurs if you do not use a double thread to stitch the resist.  The circle in the middle only had a double thread on the outer ring.

This pieces was produced on silk and is rows of double thread stitched on a curved fold with a running stitch.
More running stitches.  The fabric was folded in half vertically and then diagonal lines were drawn on and stitched in place before pulling them up nice and tight.

I never got round to trying this technique at the weekend. Fabric was wrapped with a thread into points.  The remainder of the fabric was pleated and tied into what looked like a twig before putting it into the dye.

Another method I tried at home.  A grid was stitched across the fabric.  Unfortunately one of my threads came out as I was drawing it up so I have not got a complete grid.

In conclusion I think I preferred the Indigo dye, however, I have still got two pieces of cloth which have been dyed with the 'Rust' coloured Procion dye and I could now overdye them with indigo once resists have been applied.

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  1. Janice Gunner is so inspiring, I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend with her. I see you have lots of ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed her tuition a few w years ago inPuglia.