Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Anyone Remember Scratch?

I was busily deleting some old photographs from my hard drive when I came across this picture of a piece of work done by one of the members of Harrogate Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild (Sue H) when we collaborated with the Mercer Art Gallery and the Pump Room Museum.  He was called 'Scratch the Cat' for some reason.  He was greatly admired by all who visited our exhibition of work.

I have been having a strange week or so doing a few jobs that need catching up on and making books for an exhibition that Cut Fold Bind are having at Number 8 Gallery in Pershore 15 September - 26 October.

This jolly little rabbit was a small linocut I made yesterday to go in the front of one of my books. I am afraid it was not entirely my own design. It was taken from some craft paper I bought of an Escher type print produced by Cambridge Imprint which I had bought to use for bookbinding.

The background was just a piece of A3 typing paper that I had stencilled with acrylic paint.

This is the original paper of ducks.  I did not notice the rabbit until I had stuck it onto my bookcovers.

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  1. well clever you ! It took me ages to see the rabbit even after you had told me it was there.