Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Walk

Managed to get out of the house for a walk this morning and went to Croome.  Weather was lovely and we did a different and longer walk than usual which turned out to be very pleasant.  Managed a cake and coffee before we did our walk and found that there was an interesting exhibition in the house around the subject of plums and poetry ....

Su Blackwell was commissioned to produce this installation of plum saplings growing out of the floor which is about the lives of female relatives lives during World War I. She visited Pershore and produced Jam and dried plum stones from the produce there.

The walls of the room are currently decorated with the words of a poem by Brenda Read Brown (Poet Laureate Gloucestershire) and Heather Wastie (Poet Laureate Worcestershire). There are nicely decorated Christmas trees on the ground level, one of which had copper birds on it made by Art & Design students from Stourbridge College ....

The window ledges in the basement were decorated with more Christmas trees made from paper

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