Monday, 10 April 2017

Relaxation by the Sea

Just had a few nights up in Yorkshire (again!).  This time for a birthday party.  We added a couple of nights on to our stay and found a lovely B&B in Egton Bridge which enabled us to visit the seaside.

A Whitby seagull enjoying the view ....

Seaweed at Runswick Bay ....

The stepping stones at Egton Bridge over the River Esk ....
The fabulous Thomas Denny stained glass window in Egton Bridge Catholic Church depicting Father Nicholas Postgate who was born in 1596 and executed on Knavesmire York in 1679.


  1. lovely ! I do like to be beside the seaside x

  2. I too have been photographing seaweed, this time on Skye where I went last week with my daughter. The seaweed was the same as yours, a lovely brown colour with red bulbs but the photograph has come out more mauve than brown but still good texture.

    1. I have been trying my best to draw it, paint it and print from it with various degrees of success. Will try and blog some of my efforts.