Saturday, 1 July 2017

A Couple of Hours Play

On Thursday morning I popped to Hellens Manor and participated in the 2 hour workshop, which was part of the 2 day Textile Bazaar programme, with Viv from Art Van Go.  It was huge fun and we were able to use fantastic materials at minimal cost.  My results were not outstanding but I did really enjoy myself and actually used some things I have never done before such as Dye-Na-Flow as a diluted spray over fabric print.

Handmade blocks using, amongst other things, adhesive Funky Foam with both fabric and acrylic paints produced the lovely patterns on the piece of fabric above.  Any leftover paint was applied to A4 sheets of cartridge paper ....

The vibrant red and yellow colours came from using Golden acrylics.

Above is a small area of one of my paper pieces that I have cropped, and finally below are some of the strips of masking tape after they were removed from the fabric to which had been adhered where they had several moves and much overprinting.

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