Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hot and Sticky Day

It was the last printing class this Wednesday until September and we were putting Gum Arabic Transfers onto our prints and into our sketchbooks.  It was very hot in the afternoon too and I noticed it was 29 degrees when I drove home at 4 pm.  The little beetle above is from a drawing in my sketchbook which I had photocopied and reduced in size.  The oil based ink is silver and was printed through an etching press onto a piece of calico.

This lovely chap is also a photocopy of a drawing from my sketchbook and is inked up with Prussian Blue and printed on a piece of nice linen fabric. Very, very pleased with the result and he may yet become a patch on something.

Finally, this was the aim of the exercise.  I added a Gum Arabic Transfer of dandelion leaves to an existing silk aquatint print I had done in a previous week.  Again the printing ink was silver and the image was taken from one of my photographs.

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  1. That is so gorgeous! Your next property will have to have a studio and a press!