Friday, 16 November 2012

More Funghi

What a difference a day makes! This is the Shaggy Ink Cap one day on and it has grown a long stalk and spread out its top.  You can see the hole has now almost disappeared as it has stretched and grown.  I used the mirror technique again to get this image.
These small toadstools are growing at the bottom of a pile of hardcore in what used to be the drive.  I think they might be growing from an old tree root, of which there are a plentiful supply in the front garden.  Once again I deployed the mirror technique - goodness only knows what the neighbours thinkg.

I actually took some photographs without the aid of 'smoke and mirrors' and this is one of them.  It shows the lovely textured top of the Shaggy Ink Cap - a mixture of what looks like tar and silk.

Amazing - nature is so cool.

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  1. Remarkable shots of wonderful looking killing bodies!!!