Monday, 31 December 2012

More Play

 I have been messing about AGAIN ....  I bought this long thin sketchbook from Oliver Twists in the Summer which had a plain grey board cover.  I have been meaning to do something about it ever since I bought it, but you know what it is like.

Whilst up in Yorkshire recently I called in at Embsay and found some small cardboard letters which are just right for collaging with tissue paper.  Having decided on a word I glued the letters to the cover with PVA, covered them with scraps of scrunched kitchen foil, pasted crumpled tissue paper over the rest of the cover and then painted the whole thing with various colours of Acrylic paint, rubbing some of it back whilst wet to expose the colours underneath that had gone into the textured surface.  Once happy, I added some Treasure Gold. It may yet get a final coat of Acrylic Wax to give it a bit more protection.  I use this little book for doodling in and trying out patterns, stamps and techniques.  The disc and tassel are the beginning of experiments to find suitable ways to embellish my pages.

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