Friday, 7 December 2012

New Running Stitchers Project

After seeing the Travelling Journals created by one of the EG branches at The Big Stitch held at The Ashmolean in Oxford last Saturday we decided we would like to start a similar project as part of the activities of our Venture group (The Running Stitchers).

I ordered some Pink Pig A5 landscape sketchbooks and, as they have now arrived, I have been playing around with the first few pages of mine.  I have added a page with my name as the originator, plus an address and telephone number to return it to should it get lost on its travels.  I then found extracts from a couple of poems(?) which relate to the word 'Resolve' as I thought the meaning of 'Resolve' was quite pertinent:-

Settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)

Firm determination to do something

Also included a page with a list of the participants so that in future years I can look back at the contents of the book and remember the wonderful friends I have met through the Venture Group.  I might make a nice cover for the sketchbook with some ties to hold it shut ... and then of course I need to complete my two pages ready for our January meeting.


  1. what a great idea and an apt word choice!

  2. We have been exchanging Travelling Books at Oxford Branch for several years and it is an activity that many enjoy very much. I hope creating your own pages and seeing your own book when it returns gives you the same pleasure that we have had.

    1. We will start them at the end of January and I think most of the group are up for the challenge ... I will try to keep a note of progress on my blog. Thanks for your comments.