Tuesday, 5 February 2013

C&G Alumni Class

This mess is something I have been experimenting with this week. The background is a piece of calico that I rust dyed some time ago.  I have stitched to this some strips of newspaper which just happened to have acrylic paint on them (I had previously used the newspaper underneath things I have been painting).  I thought the acrylic might create a resist.

The reverse side shows the words I have free machined which are taken from a poem which may become my inspiration.

I am now going to hang it outside for a while to see what happens to the newspaper and cloth.  Good job we have snow again this morning!!
This piece was made from Lutradur which had been coloured using tranfer dyes.  The letters were cut out using a soldering iron and then placed onto some dissolvable fabric in an embroidery hoop.  I stitched across them to join the letters together, thus making a word, before washing away the dissolvable fabric.  I then pinned it onto a piece of polystyrene packing to dry.  Shame I had not noticed that the letter 'a' is back to front (stitch dyslexia perhaps?)

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