Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Small World

I am always amazed how serendipitous things appear to be at times.  The photos I took of the railings and gate at Malvern Link Railway Station appear to be linked to this article from the 'Nostalgia' page of the local newspaper.  Having only moved here in the last couple of years I had no idea of their origin.

More excitement yesterday.  Two jolly chaps from The Environment Agency were doing a Crayfish Survey in our stream and managed to find a real whopper.  He had, unfortunately, at some time sustained some damage to one of his claws, but was still very lively and managed to nip one of them with his other claw.  It is nice to know that someone cares about the wildlife round here as the crayfish are a rare and endangered species.  The builders on the housing estate behind us do not seem to have the same concerns about the wildlife and countryside having created lots of muddy water one day last week when they were working on the site.  Not good for the poor old brown trout who inhabit the stream too.

On another note I noticed on Sunday that two grey squirrels are building a dray in one of the trees, so that is bad news.  It has been fairly quiet on the squirrel front up till now and the bird food I put out has been left alone due to the glut of hazelnuts and acorns.

Early on Monday morning we heard a fox barking at the front of the house.  It sounded like it was in the front garden, but it was more likely to have been on the road.  It was too dark to see.  I was a bit concerned about Sox, but he was waiting patiently at the front door when I went downstairs to let  him in.

Still not much stitching as I have been stripping skirting boards and architraves in the hall downstairs all weekend.  I certainly know how to have a good time!!  Popped to Ledbury this morning to the excellent exhibition at The Weavers Gallery by The Wednesday Group and managed to find time for some French Onion soup for my lunch at Chez Pascale.

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