Thursday, 12 September 2013


You must recognise this letter .... it is from a litter bin.

I am having a lazy day today.  My best friend has gone home and I have got a couple of days before another good friend arrives for a visit (Yippee ... more H-Art visiting for me).

I am contemplating the two Travelling Journals I need to get on with, apart from a visit to the dentist for a check up and waiting in for the builder man to call and discuss when he is going to finish the patio.

I have managed to find my wool viscose felt at long last, have drawn a design and now need to sit down and do some stitching prior to washing and dyeing the piece.  I have been trying to calculate the possible shrinkage and have plumped for 20%.  Could be a small sample if I have got it very wrong.

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