Monday, 13 January 2014

Wider Horizons

Last Friday saw the removal of the pile of rubble from the front garden.  It was not without it's surprises.  I now know where Sox got his mouse from ... there was a mouse nest in the pile and three mice ran out.  It gave the contractors a surprise.  I am still trying to arrange for someone to put up a new front fence. The gap in the fence does give a better view from the kitchen window, although everyone walking past can now also see straight in the other way!!  Should think it will be like that for months knowing the speed anything gets done here.  I have found time to work on the gloss paint on the stairs (more to do) and finished stripping all of the skirting boards in the dining room ready for painting.

DH has had 'Man Flu' all weekend so has spent all his time feeling sorry for himself and reading the newspaper and magazines whilst watching TV or listening to the Radio. He has got an irritating cough which I guess is going to last for some time.

Winter brings such joy in the garden.  The cold weather has brought a song thrush under the bird feeders picking up bits and I have also seen a male black cap, plus there is still a single Red Poll coming to feed.

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