Friday, 24 January 2014

Thursday Blues

Thursday is supposed to by MY day for doing creative things, but it never seems to happen.  I spent most of the day this week creating double sided papers for bookbinding class on Friday, however, I did fit in some play time and found this scrap amongst my bits to which I added beads and stitch.  It has now become a nice card.  I made a mistake mounting it onto gold lame as it continually frays no matter what I do to it.

Can't remember what the scrap was.  It looked like some kind of cheap synthetic velvet to which had been added either painted bondaweb or nappyliner.  This had then been stretched to crack the surface.  I then must have laid snippets of metallic sheer fabric under a normal sheer fabric before stitching it down by machine with plain and metallic threads.  I might even have had the heat gun on it?  I know I should add tags with notes on when I am playing, but I never do and then regret it later.  The finished piece is tiny, approximately 7 cm square.

At least it meant I got a break from stripping gloss paint from skirting boards and door surrounds.

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