Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yorkshire Travelling Journal

I have been busy working on a wrap around cover for my new Yorkshire Travelling Journal. A project that I participate in with my friends from 'Up North'.  My old one, which has been completed by all over the past two years, is due for return to me shortly, all now fat and full, therefore I can show you some of the entries ... starting with mine ...

Just recognised the sketch on the right hand side.  It is from some photographs I took at the allotments next to the railway line in Knaresborough some years ago!

I feel like life is passing me by at the moment and I am not achieving much, so it is nice to look back over my entries in the Yorkshire Travelling Journals over the past two years and see that I have actually made some nice things that I can be proud of.  I also have some lovely like-minded friends who take part in this project for which this past year has been particularly challenging for several of them without the added pressure of making entries for the journals every six weeks. Well done all of you and here's to another year.

For my birthday earlier this month I had a pattern for a thing called a 'Quilt-o-Fax' which is a wrap round holdall for your 'quilty stitchy' stuff.  I have been stitching this off and on for the past week and it has not been the easiest thing I have ever made but is almost finished now.


  1. Just reading through your recent posts and I can't believe it is four years since you left. However, if you look at my blog, it is four years since we started. I love your travelling journals, wish I could inspire our Branch to do the same but they really aren't interested. My group seem to be happy with the postcard challenge we are doing. The hard part seems to be keeping an accurate record of who has got what, they seem to wander from house to house.

  2. This is my favourite piece in your book ! You could go a long way with allotments !