Sunday, 1 March 2015

Yet More Snowdrops

If you cannot guess I adore snowdrops ....

On Saturday DH decided he would take me to Birlingham churchyard near Pershore and we were not disappointed.  The whole experience was heightened by the fact that the village hall was selling tea, cakes and homemade marmalade and jam.

We were jolly lucky with the weather, and according to other visitors, the crocus had only just started to flower. Dotted amongst the snowdrops there were occasionally Scillas and one or two winter aconites, plus lots of cyclamen.

Inside the church was very icy but this stained glass window was tremendous.  All the window ledges in the church had been decorated with an abundance of spring flowers and there were helpful laminated sheets outlining the history of the church and churchyard.

On our way back to the car we came across what looked like a gravestone but in fact must have been a warning to keep off the grass at some time in the past but the words had long been eroded away!
 and finally the view from the small car park opposite the village hall.


  1. Well there is somewhere else to put on the list of lovely places to see snowdrops!

  2. Love the church windows reminds me of my visit to you last July. Must contact soon to arrange this year !