Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Big Allotment Challenge

Last year I was trying to follow a theme of 'Allotments' for the Yorkshire Travelling Journals.  You must bear in mind that I do not actually have an allotment but do love looking at them. You get the lovely neat, regimented ones and then there are those that are neglected, full of weeds and junk. The jumble of sheds assembled from all sorts of bits and bobs are a feast to the eyes, all higgledy piggledy utilising such ingenuity to create them.  Then there is the flash view when passing by on a train journey, with an allotmenteer here and there busy tending their plot.

The picture above and below was my work for May 2014 and was based on companion planting, with nasturtiums to attract the blackfly away from your broadbeans. It is in my friend "E's" YTJ and I think she liked it. I managed to find an information sheet available following the austerity of the war.

This next one was for June I think.  I did a drawing from a photograph of another friend's shed, machine stitched it and then found a suitable poem on the internet.  Again I think "M" liked the entry in her YTJ. I bet it made her smile.

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  1. I look forward to seeing M's - mine was lovely ! E