Monday, 11 July 2016

A Blue Weekend

Had a friend to stay for a couple of nights and we made the most of sharing a vat of Indigo dye.  We stitched and dyed and had lots of fun and I managed to try some resist techniques I had not got round to before.  Hope to eventually make a wall hanging from all the bits I have accumulated.

This piece of muslin was wrapped around a piece of plastic pipe after being folded in half lengthways.  If you look closely you may see that an evil looking snakes head has appeared in the centre of it.  Very creepy.

I very patiently sat and stitched lots of zigzag lines to make an A4 size piece of fabric which I am quite pleased with.

Just a bit of the usual tied points and quite pleased with what I achieved.  I have not got the patience to do lots of them and get them all the same size.  DH thought they looked like limpets?  Niece thought my friend and I were trying to be Smurfs with our blue hands!!  I suggested we were getting ready to do blue body painting aka the art installation in Hull at the weekend.

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  1. They all look pretty good to me - ages since I had a good play !