Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's a Bugs Life

We get lots of different Shield Bugs in our garden and this one was no exception.  Just fascinated by the striped antennae and sides.  Do not know which species it is. It was on my washing when I brought it in and may have come off the large oak tree in the garden.

Mystery solved - it is Dolycoris baccarum a Sloe Shield Bug, also known as Stink Bugs!


  1. How very beautiful. Haven't seen any variety of shield bug here for at least a couple of years - perhaps they are picky about the weather. We were plagued with them in France though mostly the bright green ones.

  2. We don't get anything quite so pretty this far north. I have saved a copy of your photograph and may use it in our 'Under the Canopy' theme if I get time. Hope you don't mind.